(Senior) Associate Research Scientist (Preclinical)

Job Position
(Senior) Associate Research Scientist (Preclinical)


  • Requires fundamental understanding of broad topics in cancer immunotherapy, biochemistry, molecular biology and cancer biology.
  • Provide supporting role in animal studies of immune-oncology projects.
  • Maintenance and authentication of cancer cell lines.
  • Xenografting cancer cells into mouse for in vivo tumor studies. Monitoring of tumor xenograft growth by calipers and in-vivo imaging systems (IVIS)
  • Assist in dissection, collection and preparation of different tissues and tumors for molecular pathology analysis. Blood collection, administration of therapeutic agents and assist in surgical procedures.
  • Isolation, culturing and characterization of primary human and/or rodent immune cells.
  • Assist in developing SOPs and protocols for experiments and experimental procedures.
  • Maintenance of the colony and keeping detailed records of the animals and experiments
  • Performing basic immunoassays that assesses cell proliferation, cytotoxicity and survival.
  • Basic immunophenotyping using flow cytometry analysis


  • Bachelor in biological/medical science or veterinary science with at least 2 years of research experience with animal model
  • Possess experience in handling animals, blood collection and administration of therapeutic agents
  • Possess experience in basic immunology techniques (ELISA, in-vitro cell cultures)
  • Experience in murine tumor models and basic flow cytometry would be advantageous
  • Good communication and analytical skill and able to be a team player
  • Open-minded, passionate, pro-active skills and keen to learn new skills and techniques.
  • Good working attitude, proactive and willingness to learn
  • Good analytical, planning and coordination skills